Friday, November 6, 2009

mooses, meeses - i want a moose that lays gold eggs for easter

I knew moose were huge.  But this moose is out of control.  That man might be old and, therefore, more shrunken than an average man, but look how big it is!  And how useful!  Giant people aren't even that useful - and I'm including basketball players and those big fat people who just look fat but are actually really strong and do super-useful things like tipping over logs and dragging planes with their teeth and whatnot.

This dog, named Moose, is enormous!  His whole butt wouldn't even fit on a scale!!  That's too large.

HOT TIP: If your butt doesn't fit on a scale -
CORRECTION: If any part of your body can't fit on the scale, you are too large.  Remedy this problem.

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Haliannah said...

HOLY DOGS!!!!! thats a big dog!!!