Wednesday, December 16, 2009


How come none of you jerks ever told me how cute red pandas are??

If I had known I would've immediately begun to formulate some sort of plan to kidnap one!  Or at least look more like one.  We can learn a lot from the red panda.  Firstly, it is not a panda!  And neither am I!  And neither are you!  So we have that in common.  
Unless you are a red panda, in which case, either a) look out behind you cause I'm about to red pandanap you, or b) don't look out because I cannot move as I am too stunned and amazed that a red panda could have the ingenuity and knowhow needed to get to and then operate a computer.   

Anyway, back to our commonalities.  We both love chewing on leaves.  See! 

Did I say leaves?  I think I meant an iPod.  In my case.  We're both very expressive.

And, most importantly, we both have long and luxurious tails.  And love secrets!

You can also call it these things:
Fire Cat, Common Panda, Fox Bear, Red Cat, Himalayan Raccoon, Cokoloaca Pigara, Gambawarella, Crimson Ngo, Sankam, Thokya, Wokdonka.

You can call me a few of those things, too. If you wanted to.  I'd like best to be a Wokdona or a Cokoloaca Pigara.  Kind of reminds me of Willy Wonka and Coca Cola.  Or Coco Rocha.

Look at Coco go!


Ashley E.S. said...

this post reminds me of how my brain works. but im not sure what i think about that coco rocha video of her channeling the lord of the dance, its funny and it kind of scares me all at the same time. she has a cool name though.

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