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Sinbad and I have much in common. More than I can begin to explain. But for right now, we are both houseguests. I am in New York City as a guest in someone's house. It is an apartment but I think that means it is also a house.
Picture it - 2009/10 - New Year's Eve - Brooklyn. What sort of game can one play on the eve of a new year?

Good Witch/Bad Witch
NOTE - Good Witch/Bad Witch is a game in which you take photographs of people. First ask them to pose as a Good Witch. Then as a Bad Witch. People might not understand what you're doing, but that means you should just do whatever you're doing even more!
HOT TIP - The less people understand what you're doing, the better!

Here is how a perfect game of GW/BW goes:
Person Brandishing a Camera: Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?
Other Person: What?
PBC: Be a Good Witch! (PBC holds up camera)
OP: Huh?
PBC: Good Witch! (Puts finger on picture taking button)
OP: What? I don't know what's happening. (Poses like a Good Witch, PBC snaps a photo)
PBC: That's fantastic! Now, I think you're a Bad Witch.
OP: I need more context for this.
PBC: Bad Witch! (Holds up camera to snap photo)
OP: I don't understa-
OP: Uh - (Poses as a Bad Witch might)
PBC: PERFECT. (PBC snaps photo)


And there you have it!  Good Witch/Bad Witch - a new and classic party game.

You know another great Sinbad movie?  I do!  FIRST KID.

Oh, how I wonder where are you now, Sinbad...  Okay, so First Kid was probably actually really awful.  But you know what wasn't??  Blank Check!!

Though how he bought all that garbage for only a million bucks is beyond me.  BEYOND.  

Speaking of space -

CUTE.  ANIMAL.  NAMED - Ham.  The Space Chimp.

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