Sunday, March 21, 2010

water otter farter

I hate water. But this bottle is CUTE.   Like Playmobil.  So maybe I will learn to love it.

And it has a filter.  And if filters are good enough for aquariums, they're good enough for me.  If I was one who might dwell in an aquarium I would need a tiny castle and a tiny treasure chest.  I might be a regular old goldfish, but I wouldn't submit to death so easily as my past goldfish did.  Because I'd value my life and my castle.  And I would need to protect my treasure chest from whoever was watching me swim around and around all the live long day.  Or perhaps I'd be an otter in an aquarium people go to and then the people go to the aquarium gift shop store to buy a likeness of me because I am so darned cute.


I wish this next video were higher quality.  Because it includes so many things of high quality.

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