Sunday, April 25, 2010

stuff old people like

I'm under the impression old people like LL Bean.  I like it because it makes me think of Funky Winkerbean and when Marge Simpson said,"Over here, Funky!"  And I don't really know what Funky Winkerbean is, other than a comic, so that makes me think old people like it, too.  But they probably don't.  I'm not some sort of Old People or Funky Winkerbean expert.  I know I look like one or both of those sorts of experts, but don't be fooled.  I am not.

And what are things I like with old people, you ask?  And you ask, how have I never mentioned Golden Girls?  The TIME IS NOW.  The time is here.

After Sophia was added and a pilot was shot, a character named Coco, a gay male servant was cut from the series.
I wonder where Coco would've slept - in a big box under the stairs, perhaps?  And what would he have done?  Danced with other sexy man servants?  Protected them while wearing a slim and sexy man servant supersuit?  Brought them cheesecake?  I probably wouldn't get out of bed if I had a servant to bring me cake in my bed.  Or sandwiches.  Or a servant to make me a bed that is a sandwich.
It'd be cooler if you could eat it.  Everything around us should be edible.
See Exhibit A -
And Exhibit B -

Anyway.  The Golden Girls.

CHEESECAKE.  The Golden Girls loved their cheesecake.  I love The Cheesecake Factory.  I love how they put sugar on the rim of their lemonade.  I love their crusted romano chicken.  I love how they overprice their food and why - because they can.  I was never that crazy about cheesecake.  So maybe this more turning into something about The Cheesecake Factory.  But that's life - you live it and you love it.

Okay.  So now this is turning into something about cake, perhaps.  Cake I might like.  Cake like flourless chocolate cake.  Now this Chocolate Cloud Cake by Nigella sounds wonderful.

BUT WAIT.  Who is also British and makes a cake suspiciously similar to this one and is also prone to busting out of her clothing??  Sophie.
So people are upset!  Sophie is trying to take Nigella's crown!  Her big sexy crown!  But, really, what are we upset about?  The more big sexy, the merrier.  The more flourless chocolate cake, the merrier.  But I guess Nigella has the better name for a cake, using the word cloud.  I love clouds.  Inside and near the ceiling.
So I got a little off topic.  And didn't discuss The Golden Girls as I should have.  I haven't honored them properly yet.  But it's okay.  It's always okay.  You know why?  Here's why.

i meant orpah.

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