Thursday, May 6, 2010


Why can't we all just dance like we used to?
Steve and Bernadette have got it going on all over the place.  They had a disco in their mansion.  They wore really nice clothes and did dance moves that required two people to execute them properly.  They are who we all want to be.  We all just want to dance.  In a disco.  In our mansions.  But the kids today don't dance like it's dancing.  They dance like they think something else is going on.  I dance like dancing is supposed to be. It should appear you are seizing a little bit and also are doing a little pretend ballet and also you should accidentally hurt somebody else who you weren't dancing with or weren't even near.  Or accidentally hurt yourself from having so much fun.  There's no better way to hurt yourself than when you're having fun.  

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