Saturday, June 19, 2010

goats and the crying man

I was "channel surfing" when I happened to catch a moment of this television show about this gay man couple who moved from New York to run a farm.  And they have a special goat guy.  And he weeped about his goats.  It's in the middle of this clip.  It's pretty great.  See a man love some goats so much he cries here!  Now!

Just now on the show one llama looked dead on the ground, but I guess it was alive and just laying on the ground - and they thought it was sick.  One of them goes inside to call someone about it and the llama gets all better!  I guess she doesn't like that one.  The guy comes back outside and the llama lays down again and won't move.

They have decided that is just where Pokey likes to sun herself.

Sometimes some people probably shouldn't buy farms.  Probably.

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