Wednesday, July 28, 2010

what the what

I was writing another post - went to check my email and was rudely interrupted by this news:

Yogi Bear was made into a movie.  Not a cartoon movie.  A live action movie.  With fake 3D bears.  And Dan Akyroyd as Yogi.  And Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.  I refuse to embed the trailer here.  It's reprehensibly repugnant in its atrocious abominable animation.

What the what.  This is when I get upset about the movies.  This is worse than when they tried to make Garfield or Marmaduke a thing.  Well.  Marmaduke might have been the dumbest.  But what they're doing to Yogi is the worst.  Do children even know about Yogi?  Really?  Children in this day and age - the future? I don't think so.  And they'll get this old sack version of it?  I don't even care much about children.  But I do care about cartoon bears.

Let's just remember Yogi and Hanna-Barbera as they should be remembered.
And, you know what, we don't even have to just remember them!  We can just watch the old episodes!  Yogi and all the Hanna-Barbera gang aren't real people from history or real people disappeared from our past or even old men filled with regret waiting to die alone!  Or even young men filled with sandwiches, waiting to buy provolone!  Anyway.  The point is - is -

They're cartoons.  They're forever.  Like me.

And, yes, I have Dan's autograph - but it sure as farts isn't because of his brilliant performance in the Britney Spears' shooting star of a movie Crossroads.  And will I rip up the autograph because of this - perhaps - but, let's be honest, no.  Ghostbusters.  Coneheads.  Spies Like Us.  Some other stuff.  He's Canadian.  But, seriously.  WHAT THE WHAT.  Dan.  Come on.  You've made some bad decisions.  But you have time!  You can change!  You could've been a contender.  And I can't makes heads or tails of Timberlake.  With his crazy things he does in the popular culture.  Crazy.  These two just need to have not done some of the things they did.  Un-do Yogi Bear, kids.  I can have like 200 levels of Un-do in a computer program.  Can't you have just one in your real life?

I'm sorry.  Somtimes I just get mad.  I just get so mad I could slap Glenn's mom in the middle of a grocery store.

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