Thursday, February 24, 2011

brief thoughts on terrifying cartoons

I was very scared of Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a child.  I haven't seen it since.  But I remember something really horrific with acid and/or shoes.  Which, oHMYSTARs, might account for why I'm not wild about shoes.  Wow.  Breakthroughs.  On the internet.  It happens.  It can be a personal Oprah.
But Roger Rabbit was also one peculiar rabbit and creeped me out slightly if I recall.  He was really deranged-seeming and maybe had a lisp or something?  I can't even bring myself to get video of it for fear of the nightmares.

Another fearful experience?  Donald Duck in, what I have come to learn, is Mathmagic Land.

AND OH MY GOD.  Maybe that's why math and I do not agree.  Internet.  You should get a book deal.  But - this movie had some pretty great stuff in it - so I did watch it a lot.  But there is a scary pencil that reminds me of a bird or a bug.  And I remember Donald having some weird freak out, too...Math is a dark place.  But also I'm pretty sure this movie was stuffed full of neat crud.  I remember him playing pool.  And things with shapes.  This brings me back to my C- in Math Patterns in Nature class.  Yes, indeed, math patterns in nature.  I still have a below average grasp of what exactly that means.

A slightly more strange one is the creepy as butts flowers from Alice in Wonderland.
They just have mean, weird faces.  And I think they all sing together.  And I remember there were also some nasty flowers who I want to say were doing something like pinching her.  But maybe not.  That seems nuts.  Flowers can't pinch.  But they sure can sing!
In any event, any plant coming to life is sure as bells going to be scary.  Just imagine if a field of grass came to life.  I mean, they're not gonna hurt you or anything, on account of being stuck to the ground - but still - millions and billions of tiny green armless creeps...that would probably be pretty foul.  

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