Wednesday, April 20, 2011

from the doodlebooks - definition

"from the doodlebooks" will be posts I wrote but never published for sometimes obvious reasons.  Until now.  This is the first -

from the doodlebooks

sleep diarrhea - 1: not what you would think.  but.  rather.  when you start sleeping and you wake up and you're so sleepy that you want to keep sleeping even though you've already slept 8 hours so instead of ripping yourself awake you slip back into sleep for even more hours.  then you wake up a couple hours later really hot and unhappy and maybe with a headache, so even though you should definitely get up, you decide more sleep would make you happier so you fall in even more deeply.  not fall in love, but asleep.  so you wake up an hour later, but this time you're really cold and you manage to be able to open one eye, but not the smooshed one you were sleeping on that now has a pillow line across through it.  there's a cold puddle on the pillowside of your face where you drooled and on the other corner of your mouth there's some sort of horrible crust.  again, this is too hard to deal with so you go back asleep.  you wake up another hour later because there is loud music or television coming from another room or loud horrible people outside somewhere.  this makes you mad so you decide to fall even harder asleep in anger.  you wake up later, but it's starting to get dark but you're also really hungry.  you weigh the idea of eating and of just going to sleep and waking up in the morning starving.  the weight presses on you so you go to more sleeps.  you wake up in the middle of the night, which is actually only ten o'clock.  and you feel horrible. 2 : when you diarrhea when you're sleeping

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