Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you don't know me

Is it weird I like to go on Amazon, put things in my cart, not buy them and then get really excited to see if the prices go up or down on things over time?

I don't write down the prices and make a chart or anything, I'm not CRAZY.  The wizards at Amazon tell you if you go look in your cart.  They say something like "Just so you know THIS got less expensive and THIS got more expensive."

So, to reiterate, I'm not crazy.  I just like to watch the prices go up and down.  In an online shopping cart.

But I don't like how this internet these days decides it knows what you like and starts recommending things to you.  For example, if I chug on over to Amazon right now....(I'm really doing it!)...they somehow have decided I should listen to a Glee soundtrack and read How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World.  NO.  I say.  NO.

I've hated Glee ever since a fateful night when I had to listen to 3 episodes of it in a row when all I wanted and was trying to do was to go to sleep.  I needed to sleep!  And those morons just kept on singing and talking about being pregnant or something.  I'm all for singing.  I love Hello, Dolly!  I LOVE Singing in the Rain!  I just think Glee should really leave it to the professionals.  And I don't need to read How to Be a Hepburn.  I don't live in a Hilton World.  I live in a Laura-Is-Great-And-Eats-Red-Vines-For-Breakfast World.  And they don't even specify which Hepburn!

But I guess Amazon does know I would want a book about donuts and it knew I lost the first season of Arrested Development so I'd need to replace it.  But is it enough????


Anyway.  These little things are A-DORABLE-
If I was tiny like a push pin I would sail across a puddle in one of these.  

I remember once in high school somebody had a birthday party on a giant boat the size of a ship and I fell asleep on the top deck and when I woke up everybody was gone.  And it turned out they were never actually there because it was really a ghost ship!  

Just kidding.  They were all downstairs.

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Clara said...

Hey Laura!! I saw your vids over HelloGiggles and I found them hilarious...and today I learned that you ALSO love old movies!! That's so cool, hope you can write more about classic films :)

Greetings from Chile!