Thursday, June 16, 2011

I wrote a hit play and (co-)directed it

Sometimes I feel like Max Fischer in Rushmore.  And those times are when I write hit plays and direct them (sort of on the directing but whatever).  I never realized quite exactly how much fun putting together a play in real life could be.  Sure, I know how fun it is to pretend you're putting on a play when you're IN another play or IN a movie.  Not really actually since I've never done either of those things but who cares?  NOT THIS GAL!  But to really do it really real in the real world and real life?  SO FUN.
It's like I get to be Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney all rolled into one!  Putting on the big show in the local barn house to raise money so the neighborhood slop factory won't have to shut it's doors.  Although Judy really creeps me out and all I really know of Mickey is from Dana Carvey's impression of him on SNL.  Which I saw one time.  Maybe it wasn't even Dana Carvey.  But he probably deserves to get mentioned on the internet at least once every
To digress, did you all know Judy Garland was supposed to be a little girl in the Wizard of Oz?  I had NO idea for years.  She always kind of creeped me out in that movie, but when I found out she was supposed to be Shirley Temple originally that is NUTS.  She's like a lady with full on lady parts prancing around pretending she's 10?  That's CRAZY.  And unnecessary!  It's like me getting cast in a Disney Channel show for TWEENS, which sure is a dream but is impossible because I am too OLD and I know it.  I know it.  But oh, if I could - I'd get to wear such colorful and sassy outfits!
And I'd get to fall down a lot, too.  And I'm already super good at both those things.

Anyway.  I think I was saying it's fun to do plays.  And I wanna do one again.  And if any channel wants to cast me in the part of a cheeky teenager who wears sparkly outfits and falls down a lot, I'm around.  Just hanging out.  Soooo.  Yeah.


Anonymous said...

On another side note, where do these Disney Channel show parents buy such sassy and colorful outfits for their kids? My clothes seemed so drab and sparkleless in retrospect. Did I just live in a drab place, or did my parents hate sparkles? Who knows. Anyway, I think you are super cool. :)

Laura said...

Thanks! I definitely had outfits - like matching bicycle shorts/t-shirt combos. With lots of sequins and/or puffy elements to make my shirt 3D. Maybe my mom was shopping from the Disney Channel closet and I LOVED it.