Sunday, August 14, 2011

to ears! two ears.

I know I was on butts last time. This time on ears. I was watching a movie with my mother and she noticed how tiny Ryan Gosling's ears were. And they are tiny!
Maybe he's got a big head or a big jaw or something so it makes his ears look small. But I'm pretty sure those suckers are just like little ladybugs on his big sunflower face. It's not a judgment or anything, it's simply a fact. Like how Clark Gable had big ole elephant flappers.
It's just how they're made. And people love them! So the next time you're looking at your big ears or small nose or pointy butt or funky teeth - don't worry! People like all these weird things.  These weird things aren't for everyone, but there's probably someone who doesn't think it's totally gross. Someone probably would really like it! Even though it's probably totally weird and gross. But it's awesome because it's you! So be your gross self. No matter how unpleasant. 

Watch Clark Gable sing and dance now.
He's like Audrey Hepburn in that he kind of stinks at both singing and dancing, yet we still watch him do it because he's adorable! If there's anything you can learn from celebrities it's that you don't have to be good at things to have people watch you do them. As long as you're like a fat cat falling on top of a birthday cake while you do it - translation: as long as you look delightfully cute you can do whatever you want. 

Like Lucy. From I Love Lucy. 
She was always stinking up the joint, musically and theatrically speaking, but people loved to watch her perform. The whole series is basically Lucy trying to break into show biz and Ricky not being able to accept the fact that Lucy is simply more dazzling then he is hollering away and taptaptapping on a drum. It's like, Ricky - cool ya jets! Lucy's just a fat cat falling on a birthday cake while you're just a table. A Cuban table! With no fancy cigar on it. Lucy is all cigar.  ALL CIGAR. No table.

I don't get why Fred and Ethel could get that, while Ricky couldn't. He was just so jealous. Seriously. It was unreasonable. He could've just made her a big fat star. Didn't he know the show was I Love Lucy? Not I Really Like Ricky. Not even Ricky's Okay. He needed to take a major  chill anal suppository. And she was always super supportive of him and he was all like, "Get off the stage! We're moving to the country! Raise these chickens! Don't bring that cheese on the plane!"

Jeez, Ricky.  JEEZ.

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