Saturday, September 3, 2011

sad fatties

John, I didn't like most of your movies but I still wish you were around.
Today I will be discussing Sad Fatties. These are gentlemen actors who happened to be fat and now they're gone so I'm sad about them.

First on my list and the inspiration for this post is John Candy. Wonderful things about John include his last name and his fatness. In all honesty most movies I've seen of his I find pretty boring and my choice for my favorite movie of his is probably not the most popular but here it is -
Spaceballs. In which he played a half man half dog.
Candy shined as a half dog who inexplicably has furry ears yet a face-painted on patch over one eye.  I also enjoy that one scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles where "Those aren't pillows."

And I love Cool Runnings, obviously. And appreciate Candy's hair-do in Little Shop of Horrors.
But overall whenever I tried to get Candied through, say, Who's Harry Crumb? or Uncle Buck or other classic Candy cinema I was left disappointed and confused. I preferred him in small doses, like how he pops up in Home Alone and whatever.  But it makes me sad that this fattie is gone.

Next up we have Chris Farley.
He was basically funny all the time. Even though I'm pretty sure Tommy Boy and Black Sheep were the same movie since I can't really remember which things I'm thinking of from those movies belongs in which movie. I think that sentence made sense. Moving on, Farley the Fattie was super energetic and I was constantly surprised by his agility and athleticism as a fattie. I also loved him in Beverly Hills Ninja. Also his mall girl on SNL is a favorite thing of mine I misquote enthusiastically from time to time.
Chris is another fattie who is gone and it's sad.

And then John Belushi. Honestly, I never really got it. I remember watching SNL reruns with my parents where he's doing the Samurai Deli and then that whole cheeseburger thing and being like eh. To be fair that's really all I've seen of his and have yet to be talked into seeing the Blues Brothers and whatnot. But I'm still sad that fattie is gone.

And on a cheerier note, here are some sad fattie ladies who are alive and kicking. They just make me sad because they were supercool like once and then totally weren't living up to their awesome potential after that.  Camryn Manheim, yes - her - remember her? She was great in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Never again was she so great. So maybe it was actually the movie that was great since I can't even find a photo of Camryn in the film. But whatever.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is fantastic. 
Then, Rosie O'Donnell. 
I thought Rosie was super great in A League of Their Own. 


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