Tuesday, October 18, 2011

from the doodlebooks - all about eve edition

I began writing this post many moons ago and promptly forgot about it. I've forgotten most of what happens in All About Eve but I still wanted to share this bit I wrote at the time. You should always share what you learn even if it is very little and poorly remembered. I have italicized edits made to this post since it was written many moons ago, so basically the one sentence that explains why this Notes & Hot Tips posting is different than all other N&HT postings. Enjoy!!

Catalyzed by my post about Netflix, I finally watched All About Eve, which had been sitting in my Queue probably since 2008.  Or whenever Queues were born.  And I'm so glad I finally watched it.  There are so many useful life lessons - if you remember my previous posts about how movies inspire personal living -

Bunny Lake is Missing

I've given some really great NotesHot Tips.  So I'm bringing that format back.  Let us begin with this latest incarnation of that: 
NOTE - When confronting a conniving crazy lady such as Eve Harrington, be sure to be drunk at a party.  There is no better confrontation than a drunk one.
HOT TIP - On second thought, there is no better confrontation to watch than drunk one where one of the parties involved is Margo Channing.  I mean Bette Davis.  Oh - hey - check out who the sophisticated spectator is here!  Right in between the confronters.  It's MM!  Way to go, Marilyn Monroe.  Way to sit on those stairs and stay classy and passive.  Way to try and slut your way into a role in Max Fabien's stage play.  Way to be, MM.

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