Thursday, December 15, 2011

xmas magic

It's Xmas time again, as it comes every year, and this year I really want to celebrate the magic of XMAS.
This is my dog, Hobbes. He really gets into the Xmas spirit. Being in a city wherein it never snows, I need to make my own Xmas spirit. Some things that get me into the Xmas spirit are drinking hot chocolate and pumpkin lattes while on break from work.

Or hot apple cider, if I'm at home.
Any hot and toasty beverage is an easy way to drink in the spirit of Xmas. Before you know, you'll be possessed by Santa Claus himself! You'll be attach your dogs to your wagon and start lashing away with a "HOHOHO!" You'll break into houses! You'll stomp on rooftops. You'll do it all. You'll see.

Another Xmas beverage I enjoy is Coke. I love Coke. More than Pepsi. And who does Xmas better than Coke? 
Look at that chubby Santa. He totally forgets what he's doing when he has his Coke. The guy deserves a break! He really gets around for a guy who isn't in the best of physical condition. He's kind of like a giant gnome. Like David the Gnome. Remember him?

I remember one scary episode with some sort of weird Ice Queen who held David captive or something. David is a weird name for a gnome when I think about it. I feel like they should be named after fruits or flowers or vegetables. Like, Butternut Squash. Or Bluebell. Or Banana.

Okay. Hold the phone. What the F. I just read about what happens in the David the Gnome show and in the last episode they die. THEY DIE. This is a children's show. The whole last episode is how it's time for them to die and they go up into the mountains and die. I don't remember that at all. Maybe they didn't air it on Nickelodeon for some crazy reason. I feel as though that would've made an impression on me.

I remember the episode where their fox gets his foot caught in a trap, for example. That was disturbing. But probably not as disturbing as watching a gnome and his gnome wife die. They turn into trees. What. the. Flip. That is awful. I wonder if Maya the Bee also died. Let's check it out.
It's okay - she was never killed. Though her friend - who I think was named Willy - looks basically totally drunk all the time.

But I'm getting off topic. This was about the magic of Xmas. I love the smell of gingerbread and how cute they are but I HATE eating gingerbread. I hate with the fire of a thousand Xmas stars.
And I love presents. I LOVE'EM. Who doesn't, really? But I love giving them, getting them, ripping them open and wrapping them. In fact, I'm gonna go wrap up some special things right now - for some very special people and pets. I have to go do it right now. More on Xmas later. Or gnomes. Or bees. We'll see. We'll all see.


Amber said...

I used to love that show but I dont remember them dying. Geez thats a downer. Do you remember a show where this girl had a stuffed koala and when she rubbed noses with it, it came to one seems to remember this show but me.

Laura said...

Maybe the Noozles?? That had two koalas...