Sunday, January 22, 2012

guy in a tiger suit needs an apartment

If you like Los Angeles and you live in Los Angeles and you like me - come see a short film I made on January 28th. 

And for your trouble here is a
And. What the hey! A dog adopted these baby tigers. Lookit.

And off topic as I just started thinking about girl scout cookies cause I'm HONGRY.
I love that are you hungry lady.
Girl scouts.

I got to thinking of television/movie girl scouts.
Like Jenny Lewis in Troop Beverly Hills - BAM:
And all of them looking supercool in sunglasses.
Then Jenny Lewis in Golden Girls as a Sunshine Cadet - BAM:

I don't know if I'd rather be a Sunshine Cadet or a Wilderness Girl. It's going to take a lot of consideration. But it didn't take long for Tim Curry to decide.
No. Not long at all.

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