Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i'm a fancy cartoon lady

I've been playing a lot Dance Central 2 and it's so much better than just sitting around not playing it. I love playing as the character Miss Aubrey because she's got a lot of 'tude and mostly on account of she has a really cool outfit.
Other outfits and personalities I envied included She-Ra. She has a neat sword she basically just uses for decoration and deflecting and a kooky crown/hat. And her outfit stays miraculous glued to her body. How does she do it?!?
Phantasma from Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School had a great look going on for a ghost. I always liked her reverse skunk color hairdo and her cowboy boots are rad. Yes. RAD.
It took me a while to remember this character who had spots in her hair, but I'm glad I did. This is Cheetara (as research has informed me) from the Thundercats. I always thought she was awesome because she has spots in her wavy hair. That's almost impossible!! Also just look at her wacky facial makeup. I LOVE IT!
As the biggest and best star in the world, Barbie had some outfits so rocking they took her out of this world. Fantastic matching of skirt to hat and hat band to rest of outfit. I was jealous of all the earrings worn in Barbie and the Rockers, and with good reason.
Some might say it's wrong to admire cartoon characters and to them I say: "SHUT UP!" But it's really horrifying to google image search most of these characters. People draw some really gross versions of these and related characters. I want to unsee. I don't understand why someone would even draw Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes with boobs, but hey. Who am I to judge? I'm somebody! And that's just nasty. So all you people doing terrible things to these beloved characters just stop! 

Why not just draw Calvin in a Hobbes suit?
Garfield and Odie having a Best Friends Ever Day?
Or just forget re-drawing all together and just enjoy some photos of old time movie stars with their pets??? It's way less gross than Hobbes with boobs. By at least like 10% I swear.

Watch. Cary Grant and his dog.
Or Jimmy Stewart and his.
And if that's not good enough for you, here's Grace Kelly graciously teaching her dog to read.
The end.


Tish said...

I played Dance Central at my friend's house a while ago and I always was sure to choose that girl in the sailor outfit because it was just so cute! And, ya, the 'tude.

Amber said...

Dance Central is way addicting especially when you're such an awesome dancer already which I am. I think you forget to include Jem on your list. She had the most bangin outfits eva.

Laura said...

@Tish I like to say all the sassy things the dancers say to their competitors only I say them alone and in front of my TV. But I have a lot of 'tude when I do.

@Amber Jem was really rad, but Barbie and the Rockers get credit for only getting one movie - whereas Jem had a whole series to prove her out-of-this-world-ness.

Violet and Grey said...

Ahahaha! That Grace Kelly caption and photo made me laugh out loud....at work. I would tell my co-workers why I was laughing but none of them would get it. Anyhoo, I have been dancercising to Just Dance on the Wii and have lost 12 pounds. TWELVE! Also, my dog watches. I like to think I'm graciously teaching her to dance just as Grace Kelly was graciously teaching her's to read. Happy weekend!

Laura said...

@Violet and Gray Exercise via video games is amazing! As is teaching a dog to dance - I commend you.