Monday, February 13, 2012

the best and worst

I know it's not new or nothing, but I found Bob Ross' painting videos to be so soothing.
I wonder if he was like that in real life or if it was just his painting persona. Like how I'm a really calm, quiet person but when I get to painting I turn into a belligerent drunk-with-power monsterpants. If I wasn't drunk-with-power while painting it would be crazy because, hey, I am CREATING NEW WORLDS. Bob can be a little too calm, though. I just learned about his mentor figure who has a kooky accent and great fluffy energy.

PBS is also home to such great programs as all the _________ House shows. Like Colonial House or Manor House or Regency House, etc. I'm sure it would suck to live in a different time period in an isolated house - but it would be superawesome if a whole town could be convinced to abide by the olden times rules. There must be some tiny town somewhere that would agree to that. All's I'm asking is about 500 people or so. That's liiiiiike nothing.

Like when Oprah talked to the 10 people who lived on that island in Maine. That was basically their whole town. They could totally do the different time period thing. But I guess they kind of already are. As are Amish people. But I would prefer to see a town of 500 living like Downton Abbey.
OH GOOD GOD. While looking up Downton Abbey pictures I accidentally read a season 2 spoiler. I'M ANGRY. This is the worst. I can't go on right now.


michael said...

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Amber said...

I remember that Oprah show! I dont think I could live so far away from a major town but if they recreated Downton Abbey I might be able to handle it.