Tuesday, March 20, 2012

when ludwig met amadeus

I just discovered that it was possible that Beethoven and Mozart met. And I got to thinking how there should be a movie about them and how they would be the best and most mismatched of buddies. I mean, a ton of facts would have to be skewed, but when has that ever stopped movies from being made before? Like we'd have to stick them closer in age since Mozart was about 15 years older than Beethoven.

And we'd have to call them something like Moz & Beety. 

But it would be sooo Odd Couple!! AmIright? AM I? Like cranky old Beety trying to work and Moz busting in dressed like a show pony being ridden by a whore. So cute. 

And then when they go out together to pick up the ladies and they BOTH pretend they're deaf, but they're not and they sooo use that to their advantage. Hi-larious! 

Or maybe they'd both be sleeping with the same lady and not know it but then Beety would find out and be all surly and call her a whore and a swine and then try and get her arrested. And Moz would just  be giggling like there was no tomorrow! And then Beety would try to strangle Moz, but they would both just end up laughing about the whole thing! And the whore would wander off somewhere sort of confused. Adorable.

I think I'm gonna make this happen. These two great minds should meet. And they might've. And whose to say they didn't have a kooky fun sexy time when it happened?!? Not me. Not. Me.

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