Thursday, March 8, 2012

ladies do stuff

People sometimes say dumb things like ladies can't direct movies. Or don't do a good job. Or they don't like dessert. But ladies can direct movies! Some of them do a good job! And if you don't like dessert you're a monster. A crazy crazy monster.

I'm not saying all ladies do a great job, and neither do all gentlemen. But here are some movies I enjoy that were directed by humans with ladyparts.

That's right, a lady directed this doohickey. Mary Harron. And she wrote the adapted screenplay with another lady. Who would have thought? I wouldn't have.  I didn't. I would never have guessed. But I'm no genius. I'm only a girl.

We all know how much I love Nancy Meyers. And how greatly I prefer Father of the Bride Part II to the original. These are the kinds of movies people would expect a lady to make. Nancy isn't about to make an American Psycho-type movie but that's hardly relevant or her fault. She could never do it because she'd die before letting blood and guts get all over her beautiful beige houses and actors. She'd. Rather. Die. And I would, too, frankly.

I'm not Nora Ephron's biggest fan. Sleepless in Seattle creeps the poop right out of me and she kind of ruined a perfectly good movie about Julia Child by including that stupid blogger woman and her story. But she also makes excellent things. Like these two movies, which I love.

I know what you're thinking: What!? And I'm all like, "Yeah. I know." Who'd have thunk a lady directed Wayne and Garth to greatness? Not me. Penelope Spheeris, who looks shockingly like Steven Tyler when I google her, directed this gem. Along with this one:
Clearly, she's a genius. These are two amazing movies. Not to mention, but I will and am, the fact that she also did The Beverly Hillbillies and Black Sheep. Serious genius. Well, she's not a super genius. Since she did turn down the chance to direct This is Spinal Tap. But maybe she is a super super genius since it allowed Rob Reiner and the gang to take that movie to the magical place at which it landed.

I love this movie. And I love Tamra Davis for directing it. Any lady that helped orchestrate Adam Sandler squeezing that fat kid's face deserves an Academy Award.

Amy Heckerling. Boom. This is all she ever needs to do for all time. Ever.

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