Sunday, May 13, 2012

don't put mama near the toilet

Mother's Day morning. We have a reservation at a restaurant my family likes for breakfast. We get there, one person short of the reservation. The table offered to us? The one directly in front of the hostess desk. Like, literally 3 feet away. Like, people are already bumping into the chair getting in and out of the restaurant.

My mama no like.

Other table offered? Inside - whereas the point of the this restaurant is to sit in the nice outside area.

My mama no like.

The whole restaurant's basically empty at this point with lots of other 3 people tables in more desirable spots. But no dice.

My mama no like.

We talk to the hostess who only offers the two unacceptable tables and then she gets the manager. The manager lectures us on the importance of having a reservation. "But, sir, we do have a reservation." Oops, his look says. They offer us no other options. My mama says, "Maybe you have a table next to the bathroom?" The hostess no like.

My mama no like.

BLAMMO! We leave.

We leave and have a wonderful breakfast at alternate breakfast spot with pumpkin pancakes, Kugeloff French Toast and mini muffins! Oh so many mini muffins! BONUS - adorable dogs sit outside at alternate restaurant.

My mama is the best mama. A mama who gets what she wants. And she wants delicious mini muffins. And she gets'em! And she deserves'em!

Does your mama have a picture holding a stranger's face?
Doubt it!

Does your mama throw Sherlock Holmes' themed parties for your dad and hold a knife to his throat?? (EASTER EGG - see the reflection of me taking a picture of a picture!)
Probably not, stinker!

Does your mama have a photo next to a giant stone ape??
Defs nots, loser!

Happy mother's day, y'all! My mama makes monkeys out of all your mamas!

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