Monday, June 25, 2012

UNIFORMally. Or, I like uniforms from movies.

I wore a uniform to school for middle/high school. I didn't particularly like it or hate it, but it sure made things easy peasy. And being a mainly lazy person in the morning, easy is the best.

As an adult human, I really like the idea of uniforms if they're nice and not gross. And comfortable. Like I'm kind of looking forward to the future where we all have to wear silver pajamas or weird tiny metallic dresses like in Logan's Run. Would it really be so bad? We'd save tons of money on clothes and that'd mean way more money to spend on important stuff like snacks and travel.


Here are some uniforms I wouldn't mind wearing:

Ghostbusters - Onesies
Look at these guys and how happy they are to be wearing their work clothes. Not only is the uniform stylish, it's also practical. Note the stylishness of the logo - simple and straightforward: a ghost with a big red 'x' through it. And note the practicality: it keeps all the disgusting innards of ghosts off of them. And even though I hate wearing onesies when it comes to going to the bathroom, I would gladly put up with that annoyance to don the Ghostbusters uniform.

Phyllis Nefler - Re-worked Wilderness Girl Uniform
As we all know, I love Phyllis. Phyllis is a gal who gets what she wants. And when she tried on the original Wilderness Girl uniform, she realized she did not want it. Instead of settling for less, she took her destiny into her own hands and had her uniform redesigned into the amazing suit you see before you. She's the chicest troop leader on the block. If I were wearing that uniform, I would be thrilled to lead a troop of weird kids to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Which is something that I would normally hate.

Team Zissou - Scuba suit
If nothing else, a Wes Anderson movie always has good outfits. I'm terrified of scuba diving - due to deep waters, lack of oxygen, and a fear of most fish - but I have to give it a second thought when I think of doing it dressed in a Zissou scuba suit. It's just a lovely color and has great lil details all over. Someone get me a suit and I'll maybe reconsider not wanting to get Open-Watered. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I wanted to leap like Shelley Long

I wanted to leap like Shelley Long. I wanted to be brave and use my 9-years-of-ballet-,-asshole training to be graceful like a big ole bird when I flew.

Like this.

I was not that brave. I have no ballet training. Not really. I do have some tap training. But that isn't much help when it comes to leaping. Stomping on spiders, sure. Leaping, not so much.

Watch me in Day 7 of my 30 Days to perfection as I try something new with my leap off my roof.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 5 and Pimm's o' Clock

My Day 5 mission was to Go A-Picnicking. And Picnic I did. It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, too, so obviously it was a Jubilee Picnic.

And one of my favorite parts of the picnic? The Pimm's Cup!
Why didn't anyone tell me it was delicious? I think it might be a drink for an old lady on a summer's day, but that's essentially who I am. For our Jubilee Cups, I just took a splash of Pimm's, a splash of lemonade, and a splash of sparkling water and BLAMMO!

There's that.

Now check out my Day 5 adventure. Now featuring friends!! And the Queen herself.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 Days to Perfection: DAY 2

So I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick so I didn't feel any of the supposed magical benefits of water-drinking from Day 2's mission. I did start talking to plants. I think it was because we were both fueled by water and sun, so we could relate.

I also had the energy to dance. Was it a failure dance or a victory dance? Watch and find out!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Days to Perfection: DAY 1

Hey y'all!

All June long I will be journeying to perfection by doing 1 task per day to make me more amazing. Check out the kick off on Hello Giggles and then follow along here to or on youtube to watch each day for a new vlog.