Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I was never the biggest fan of horror movies. I'm way too affected by the horror and after watching a scary movie I won't sleep with my lights off. I won't hang out in my room unless I check to make sure there aren't evil creeps in the closet or behind the toilet.

However - for a brief time I watched Rosemary's Baby before I went to bed every night. Now you may be inclined to interject: "Wait a - but you said - I thought - HEY!" But I stop you before you begin - Rosemary's Baby is not only a horror movie, it's also a movie about pretty clothes and a pretty actress acting like a kook, but really she's not since she has a Satan-melon in her pumpkin patch. Melon patch. Whatever. But take a peek-a-poop:

Looking swellow in yellow.

Not having a larf in a scarf.

Squattin' while lookin' besottin'.

Ready for Satan's bed in red.

Call me shallow, but I like things to look nice. I will even overlook things like quality of content at times if something looks nice - like a movie. But in Rosemary's case, it's also an amazing movie, which is lucky.

Also, I feel this way about The Others - the one with Nicole Kidman. I think her face was still able to move but it was too scary for me to watch the parts where she'd be like, face-movingly-terrified so I'm not totally sure. Most of the images I can find for it don't show how pretty the movie is so the internet can just suck my butt. Here's the best we can do:

Lookin' in a sad state behind a gate.

Bein' a nervous scamp with an oil lamp.

Bein' a drip in a slip.

Flippin' her hair, bein' all a-scare.

It's much prettier than these pictures. I could do without all the dead people portraits, but I guess if that's an integral part of your story you're probably gonna show it. Whatever. Not the best of movies, but I like a lot of tweed and it really came through in that department.

And I saw a trailer for The Awakening that's seems like it's gonna be another pretty/scary looking kinda movie.

Bein' non-plussed, not on a bus. 

Lookin' bright, holdin' a light.

This isn't how you use a bed.

Pretty hair-do while not doin' a poo.

It looks like it's gonna creep the beans out of me. But I just might see it. 'Cause it looks pretty/scary!!!!! I said it!! Pretty scary! Again!!!

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