Monday, July 2, 2012

stars who were guest stars before they were stars

Hello. I'm better than ever. I've been doing all sorts of things.

In addition to doing things, I also haven't been doing things. Under the haven't been doing things heading should fall TV watching. But I partly have been TV watching out of research, so I guess that would fall under doing things. ANYWAYZ.

A little while ago a plumber or someone came to work on junk in my house so I had to stay locked in a separate room with the dog to avoid destruction and mayhem and/or a light dog-biting.
So I'm trapped in a room with nothing to do but watch TV, so I'm watching a rerun of Sex and the City. I'm minding my own business when BLAMMO! Elizabeth Banks is there. She's a little chubbier around the face than she is now, but BLAMMO!

She's a good example to look to of how to be wonderful. She went from like 2 lines on Sex and the City to many lines dressed as a fancy clown in the Hunger Games.

Other great guest stars who went on to be big fat star stars? George Clooney. He played a plumber and a detective on The Facts of Life and The Golden Girls, respectively.

I've never gotten the big whoop about George, but I'm pretty jealous he got his start on 2 of the best shows ever to grace television.

Then there's the old Hamm Sandwich - Jon Hamm. I've noticed it before but here I notice it again: he pooped up on Gilmore Girls.
Lorelai found him boring and undatable because he was too rich and wanted to take her to see David Bowie. Lorelai is such a raging B. Whatevs. Her loss. He went on to be the crazy king of Madison Avenue, so whatevs, indeed.

Then there's Ben from Parks and Recreation. In Boy Meets World - BLAMMO! He got to go through two different hair styles! 

I mean, I can't say going on to do Parks and Rec is a huge improvement since Boy Meets World was amazing and Parks and Rec is amazing. It was basically a lateral move.

Anyways. It's nice to know you can start as a guest star and graduate to star STAR. You should always be the star of your own life. And, preferably, the star of a television show.


Violet and Grey said...

I was watching Lie to Me this weekend and there was Nick from The New Girl. Who says being a raging psychopath of an ex-husband turned camera guy who broke apart his gun into pieces made to look like camera equipment so he could later assemble to shoot the Korean President's son who happens to be his ex-wife's brand spanking new husband doesn't pay off???? Also, he had a bad attitude.

Laura said...

Whaaa! That's crazy! I need to see this.