Sunday, November 2, 2014

NaNoWriMo Writin' Mo' Problems!

I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. Why this year and not all other years? I tried it once before. If 'tried' means more like thought about it really hard, started, quickly fell behind, missed a day, then two, and gave up. But this year is MY YEAR.

I mean, technically every year is my year. But saying 'this year is MY YEAR' makes it sound way more important. And if you put something on the internet it means you HAVE to do it.

So as long as I'm here I figured why not compile my NaNoWriMo checklist of things to do/that I've done/I will do in this month of madness:

1) Wake up and eat food.

2) Drink a cup of coffee.

3) Watch and/or read and/or listen to something that fits in the theme of the story I'm writing. So. Something like:

You know. Awsome. 

4) Pick a playlist. The other day I wrote to this. Personally, I can't really deal with it when the music has lyrics. If you can...

I just write and write and if I absolutely have to look something up I'll give myself only 5 minutes to do it. Put on a timer and when it boops I have to jump out of the rabbit hole and get back to biznitch. So far that's been more than enough time. And you can always just write some lame placeholder and change it after you've written your whole dang book.

NO CAKE. Fun tip: Use cake rage to fuel writing fire.

This seems like madness. But when the eating starts, the mind starts wandering, and then somehow I look up and suddenly an episode of 'Castle' is on. But so far every day I've just written for about an hour and a half or two each run, and I make sure I'm full of food before I start. 

7) When you finish for the day, reward yourself. 
Treat yo self to a dancesplosion, a food party, a TVsplosion, a big bubble bath party, a Netflixsplosion, or somethin;. Obviously you can't do something huge everyday. But whatever.  UNLESS.

Everyday you complete your goal, throw 5 bucks in a jar. At the end of the month, spend your 'Well Done' money on a fancy fancy treat.  

8) If you miss a day? DON'T. Don't do it.
If you have to? If writing double the next day freaks you out, just divide up the word count you missed into like 4 or 5 days and tack those onto the next few days. So if you wanted to write 2000 a day and missed a day, split it into five sets of 400 and add an extra 400 to each of the next days. Not so bad that way. But you should know you're a total loser. 
Just kidding. No, I'm not. I am. I might not be.

9) Add a ninth thing to your list of things to almost get to 10. OH. Got one. Find some friends to do it, too. 
It'll be motivating and competitive and garbage.

10) Ugh. Need a tenth thing. Hm. Uh. How about just finish? Yeah. 
This is all basically useless if I don't finish. This would just be an embarrassing and horrible blog post helpful to not a single soul if none of this crap works. Looking forward to the big finish and when I'm done so I get to celebrate big time, like this kid: