Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cheers to the Tub Spiders

Here's to the spider who lives in my tub.

He teaches me never to give up, never to move out, and to keep scurrying about in the rain and that soon, the rain will pass. Let us examine him closer, but pretend he is not a spider, because spiders are disgusting and one should never learn any lessons from spiders.

Let us pretend the spider is a very cute owl. Because owls are nature's teachers and are the ones from whom we should learn lessons.

1) Never give up. my shower does not leave. I decided not to squish him, thinking he'd get sucked down the drain, but no. He clung to the walls like there was no tomorrow -- which there might not have been had he not clung so! No matter how steamy the shower became that little owl did not let go. And when he'd slip or accidentally fall into the stream of water, he'd drag his soggy body back out and start climbing towards safety.

That is to say, no matter how shitty your situation seems, and no matter how long the shittiness lasts, sooner or later someone's gonna turn off the shower. Even if it's just for a little while.

And that little while is worth it. And if it's not, at least it's not raining.

2) Never move out.

If you like where you have found yourself, don't leave without a fight. Why should you? If you feel like you belong there, you belong there. Unless someone's trying to actively squash you or wash you down a drain, you stay. It's your place. It's your stuff. You ain't gotta do nothin' you don't feel like. You're an adult. You found a dang home and there's no reason to move if it's your DREAM.

You're not a hermit crab. Make the world around you your perfectly sized shell home. Don't think you'll move somewhere else and everything will be shiny and new. It's your job to make your world shiny and new.

Unless you're a kid and then you become an adult and wanna move out. That's cool. Or unless you're being held captive or something or are in a clearly bad situation. Or even unclearly. That's all cool. 

Actually, move out whenever you want. You're not an owl in a bathtub.

3) Keep scurrying about in the rain and that soon, the rain will pass.

Now, you might say, isn't this the same as 1) Never give up, which is basically the same thing as 2) Never move out. And I 'd ignore you.

What does it mean to keep scurrying about in the rain if soon the rain will pass? It means, don't stop when the going gets hard. Don't look for a roof to hide under until the rain passes. Who knows when it will? Maybe it'll last 50 stupid years. And you're just gonna sit there and let some dumb water droplets mess up your plans?

No. You keep scurrying. Keep scurrying to your goals. If you need a break, that's okay, I guess. But try to keep scurrying while you're breaking.

You know how far that owl in my tub got while being bombarded with a storm the likes of which he'd never seen? Not very far. But far enough. Far enough to survive. Again, you're not an own in a bathtub, so get farther than far enough to survive. Live. DAMNIT. LIIIIIIIIVE.